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We're changing the way you buy an engagement ring.

Since 1967, Vasken's family have imported diamonds from all over the world. Today, Vasken Jeweller's continue as a diamond wholesaler and guarantees they will not be undersold. While many retail outlets have inflated prices to compensate for paying the wholesaler and manufacturer, Vasken Jeweller's prices are 35-50% below replacement value. As a consumer, you must always be aware of who is certifying your diamonds. There are only a couple of accredited diamond graders we recommend, whereas there are hundreds of independent diamond graders who will certify your diamond with extreme leniency. Remember, diamonds are graded by human beings and as a consumer, you have no re-coarse once you buy a diamond that is not 100% accurate in the grading. All diamond grading is subject to personal opinion and therefore, it become very subjective.